Personal Lines Coverage


Not every person is the same and not every person’s insurance needs are the same. To ensure that we can put together the best insurance portfolio for you, we partner with you through our process to make sure that we protect you & your family.

First, we take the time to learn about you. At this time in the process, we are looking to learn about you & your family. What are your goals, plans and dreams? At this point, you will also have the opportunity to learn about our family and what we do to partner with you. It is during this meeting that we learn about your goals and what your financial risk is. Our goal is to be your long-term partner assisting you through all of life’s changes.

Next, we take the information that we have learned about you and begin to put an insurance plan in place that fits the ever-changing needs of your family. The great part about being an Independent Agent is that we work for you! This allows us to search the insurance market for the best coverages for our clients.

Then we meet with you to review our plan with your current coverages and identify areas where there might be gaps in your current insurance coverages.

We want to take the time to help you understand not only your current risk, but what we are doing to minimize this risk. We make this plan for today, but we look to the future to make sure that we are preparing for the ever-changing needs of your family.

Once we have decided on a plan that best fits your family’s needs, we put that plan into action. But our partnership doesn’t end there. As your life and family changes, so do your insurance needs. We are here through all of life’s ‘what if’s’ with advice and counsel to protect you and everything that you have worked so hard for.

Commercial Lines Coverage


Before we can provide “Insurance For Every Need®”, we must learn what those needs are. We will use a process to understand your business, and your insurance needs so that we can partner with you!

In our initial meetings, we will sit down and learn about your business. We want to know what makes your business different and successful! We also want you to learn about us and our family so that we can see what makes us different!

Once we understand you, your business and risks, we will sit down with you and go over them and develop a plan that best fits your needs, goals and appetite for risk. We will work with the many companies that we represent to obtain an insurance plan that strikes a competitive balance between coverages and costs.

As an Independent Agent, we work for you searching the market for the best options to fit your business’ needs. During this process, we will take what we have learned about your business and point out any potential gaps in coverages or risk that you didn’t know that you had. We will work together as a team to formulate and create an insurance plan that meets the needs of your business both today and in the future.

Once we have decided on a plan that fits your business’ needs, we begin the process of getting policies in place and helping your business with it’s day to day insurance needs. It is our vision and goal to be part of your team and be an extension of your business. We are here as a resource to you, which for some clients might be daily. We will introduce you to all the resources that each company has for your business. Examples of this include: loss control specialists, and free safety videos & courses. As a part of your team, we are here with for whatever your Insurance needs might be. During meetings we will review coverages and make sure we are working together to help you achieve your company’s goals.

It is our job to protect what you have worked so hard to earn.


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